The OECD presents at the "Made in Libya" business fair in November 2021

The OECD presents at the "Made in Libya" business fair in November 2021

The OECD presents at the “Made in Libya” business fair in November 2021

The OECD organized a presentation on the 26th November on the EU-OECD Project on Promoting Public-Private Dialogue in Libya, which aims to support and encourages an active economic and social dialogue between Libya’s public and private actors. The fair enjoyed a broad representation of Libyan businesses from the healthcare, industrial, agribusiness, consumer services, business services and construction sectors as well as major banks.

The workshop took place on the last day of the fair, and enjoyed the presence of a diverse representation of Libyan businesses and organisations, including the Ministry of Economy, the Libyan Industry Union and Pragma. The workshop had the active participation of the President of the Libyan Industry Union, the EU Delegation to Libya, and the Minister of Agriculture.

The OECD’s presentation focused in introducing the OECD’s work to the public, followed by a short video on the project’s main objectives and a deeper presentation on its key characteristics. Special emphasis was put to differentiate PPD from PPP and to stress the project’s benefits to the business community, mainly through capacity building, open-training materials and digital tools.

Participants were often reminded about the importance of ensuring their commitment and ownership on a platform that will be by definition made by Libyans and for Libyans. During the round of questions, a unanimous support to the project was expressed by both participants and public.

The “Made in Libya” business fair, hosted in Tunis and organised by the Libyan Business Union and Tunisia’s Business Organisation, UTICA. The fair, launched by the Libyan and Tunisian Ministers of Industry, gathered hundreds of participants per day and hosted a series of workshops and presentations on business initiatives and organizations, including the EU, the IFC, Pragma, and Expertise France.


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